Fripp-Eno-Hassell Podcast MP3

While lawyers sort out the legality of radio stations making copyright-protected music available for free download, the podcast-ization of FM proceeds apace. Today’s example: a May 18 program from the Australian radio show Ultima Thule, featuring material from what it describes as the “Fripp-Eno-Hassell creative nexus.” This means solo work by Brian Eno (much of it unhelpfully cited on the show’s playlist, available as a PDF file, as originating on the Eno instrumental box set, which was culled from various Eno albums), and tracks by Eno with Robert Fripp (from their recent reunion CD, Equatorial Stars, on which Fripp’s guitar is far more recognizable as guitar than it was in their earlier collaborations, like Evening Star and No Pussyfooting) and by Eno with trumpeter Jon Hassell (including the opening track, from their Fourth World, Vol. 1: Possible Musics recording). So, more to the point: Eno is the nexus. You can download the MP3 directly here, and subscribe to the Ultima Thule podcast here. Compressed at AM-quality 56kbps, the 36-megabyte file is an hour and a half long.

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