Sci-Fi MP3 EP

Kurrel the Raven‘s Aechyrs to Aechyrs, on the Nishi netlabel, is utter space music. There’s no ifs, ands or buts about a four-track EP that includes one titled “Captain K-Bird Encounters the Far-Out Space Owls,” especially not when the song is almost 11 minutes from start to finish and moves from gentle Martian new wave to extravagantly flanged mind warps before fading out for what feels longer than many entire songs by like-minded galaxy pilots. Sensitive to the trips of its listeners, Kurrel closes on the quiet “Way Out,” a brief signoff that shifts from the music of the spheres to a heartbeat in less than three minutes. Lacking the audacity of the EP’s “Blissblaster,” an overclocked white-noise rock anthem, the title cut is the one real keeper here: a sedate montage of sonic texture maps waiting to serve as sound design for a science-fiction TV show that’s not yet a twinkle in its future producer’s eye. Check out the EP at

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