Future Funk MP3

Over at the kracfive.com collective, the new monthly track in the site’s “MP3 Rotor” is a tremendous song by Miragliuolo, “Skipfunk (Short Version),” which is exactly what it suggests: all the jerky confusion of a skipping CD shaped in a way that makes it feel downright funky (MP3). It fulfills the promise inherent in every occasion when, at a restaurant or retail shop, what sounds like a mashed-up bit of electronica turns out to be the house stereo struggling quietly with technical difficulties. In the future, when grey-market downloading has become passe and kids simply speed-consume entire musical genres, “Skipfunk” is what the James Brown catalog will sound like to some old fart listening in. Of course, by then the skipping of a CD will be as retro as a John Cage tape splice or Bing Crosby’s croon, but that’s a whole other story…

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