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The Brooklyn, N.Y.-based record label Colour Sounds specializes, as it bills itself, in “avant, out, psych, improv and other interesting recorded musics.” The “Listen” page on its website,, features numerous excerpts, live tracks and otherwise unreleased MP3s, and a good point of origin into the label’s sound jungle is with the Beets. That’s the duo of John Dalessi and Adam Kriney, whose combined tools include “synthesizer, electronics, 4-track w/ cassettes” and “voice electronics” (a comma may or may not be intended to appear between “voice” and “electronics”). A live Beets recording, titled “Don’t Be Afraid of the Ghost That Haunts You,” is a thrift-store hodgepodge of drone-like elements that eventually find a kind of unison, which then takes its time coming apart; if there’s a tension in the music, it’s how it approaches but never really embraces the kind of epiphany that’s so common in drone-rock (MP3). A couple more examples of the Beets are housed on its “Artists” page on the Colour Sounds website, and particularly recommended is an edit of “Bird of Prey … Further Envelops You” off their Say Yes CD-R. It adds earthly elements like chimes and cymbals to an otherworldly, undulating sound, but manages to never touch the ground (MP3). That chimes and cymbals, which are usually elements of color in a drummer’s kit, are the most worldly sounds here says something about how far out the Beets like to wander.

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