Hungarian MP3 EP

The second track on the new Tigrics EP, Mint Egy Befejezono (Highpoint Lowlife), moves with some speed from a treated field recording of a train, with its locomotive rhythm, to something syrupy, in which mechanized drums keep slipping up, like a maudlin robot caretaker stuck in some glutinous murk (MP3). The whole set, six tracks in all, is a marvel of rhythmic ingenuity, from the hyper opening track (“He, Jelfej!”), which initially appears almost dismissible, just a blur of blippy colors, until its utter coherence, worthy of Underworld on a particularly good day, makes itself evident (MP3). “Aztan Varosokban Ebredtem” (MP3) may appear pure gauze in comparison with the EP’s more foot-forward entries, but it’s a metrical achievement nonetheless, especially how a woman’s voice, the rare vocal element in this otherwise all-digital affair, is edited to continuously move one syllable forward and two back. Vocals appear again, briefly, on “Kossuth Lajos Tca mix,” minced to blipvert-length beatboxing (MP3). Tigrics is the pseudonym for Robert Bereznyei, based out of Budapest, Hungary. Mint Egy Befejezono, the 14th download release from Highpoint, will be followed by a full-length album later this year. Get Mint Egy Befejezono as a download, for free, at

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