Logic-Medeski MP3

“Swamp Road” (MP3) is an elemental track from two musical evangelists: keyboardist John Medeski (Medeski Martin and Wood), an ambassador for jazz in the world of jam bands, and DJ Logic (Eye and I, Yohimbe Brothers), an ambassador for turntablism in the world outside of hip-hop. It’s a fine slice of groove-based turntable-organ funk, with Medeski keeping the chords sublime and Logic (born Jason Kibler) grafting in swatches of choral chanting. It’s not new; the track’s been in heavy rotation on the old iPod a long time. I just thought I’d already mentioned it in earlier Disquiet coverage of Logic, like the interview from 2002 (link) and a Downstream entry from earlier this year (link). Better late than never. It’s housed on the main page of Logic’s site, djlogic.com, which also features the deeply Hendrix-oid “Sonic Thrust” (MP3). More on Medeski at mmw.net.

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