Raz Mesinai MP3

To follow up on yesterday’s fine post-dub MP3 by Raz Mesinai (“Ghost of the Gulag”), here’s a … well, what would one call it? Pre-post dub? Mid-dub? How about just dub? It’s from Mesinai’s Viagra Opus, which surfaced last year, just like Cyborg Acoustics, from which that “Gulag” track was culled. In contrast with “Gulag,” Viagra’s “Lady Dem Crazy” (MP3) bears all the hallmarks of dub, right down to the faux-patois title. It’s got the light reverb, and the percussion that makes the most of those echo patterns. It’s got the trance-like rhythmic solemnity, sounding meandering despite coming in at less than two minutes. What distinguishes it is its utterly acoustic vibe. Unlike much dub, “Lady Dem Crazy” isn’t audibly compressed; it may bear the mark of its genre, but not the varnish, not the understood low fidelity, not the skunky haze. Taut dub: now there’s a contradiction in terms. More info at razmesinai.com and at the website of the Agriculture, theagriculture.com, which released Viagra Opus in the first place.

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