Matmos, Four Tet Waxcast MP3s

Want to hear vinyl-only tracks by Matmos, Bowery Electric, Nurse with Wound, Meat Beat Manifesto, Four Tet, Pan American, Kid 606, Tortoise, Cyclobe and others? Download the July 24 podcast from (MP3). In what he dubs a “waxcast,” Internet DJ Jon Whitney sews together nearly 75 minutes of music from artists and labels whose websites are hosted at The Bowery Electric is a throbbing chunk of monastic drum’n’bass from 1998, previously marooned on an out-of-print 12″. The Meat Beat Manifesto is a dubby remix by Plug (aka Luke Vibert) dating from 1996; it opens with a third-stream horn salvo, segues into John Barry guitar, and takes flight from there. The Tortoise is a remix of the mallet-wielding post-rock ensemble by glitch duo Autechre. Those are just three of the highlights. The whole thing ends with a Matmos song off a split 7″, which appears to end on a locked groove, four or five lo-fi minutes of which close Whitney’s show. Of course, these once-rare tracks aren’t vinyl-only anymore. They’ve been digitized.

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