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The netlabel iD.EOLOGY, based out of Germany, celebrated its second anniversary with its 25th release, Never Mind the Industry … Here’s iD.EOLOGY. It’s packed with 14 mostly German-language takes on rap, dub and other electronically enabled indie-pop, and one excellent studio-concocted instrumental. Pestopan‘s brief “Bon Appetit” (MP3), a completely satisfying track despite its less than two minutes of running time, opens with a rough guitar part. Of course, in this context, the conflicting elements that follow aren’t entirely unexpected: a well-placed swish of turntable, a loping beat, and eventually a deep thud of rave-style bass. It all adds up to the sort of rhythmic Rube Goldberg constructions that stream from the studios of the Neptunes and Prefuse 73, and makes a fine companion to Mark Rushton’s “Sunday Drift,” from Tuesday’s Disquiet Downstream entry (link). More info at

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