Noisejijad MP3

The name of this band is (Sound of Impact). Those parenthesis are part of the name, the reference likely to how the crash of a plane is registered in the transcript of black box recordings. At least that’s what Big Black, the rigorous minimal hardcore band, intended when it used the term for the title of one of its albums. (Sound of Impact), judging by its recent release on the noisejihad netlabel (MP3), is rigorous, minimal and hardcore, though not in any of the ways that Big Black was. The release, a half-hour life recording from a festival held this past summer, is a harsh noise-feast that dispenses with the standard noise m.o. (drones) in favor of an ever-shifting litany of detritus. The root element is the kind of sound a standard microphone records in the wind, that shuddering randomness your ear can’t quite get a grip on. Inserted throughout are sound clips, radio signals, glitches and tones. More info at

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