AFX Freebie MP3

Not every musician has a website or a page, not even otherwise digitally astute musicians. Some of the most prominent electronic acts, including Aphex Twin and Autechre, have no specific home on the web. Aphex’s disinclination carries over to the website of his record label, Rephlex, which is a decidedly low-key affair. Go to and you’ll usually just see a string of recent release notices in an alien-green uniform-width font against a black background, with all the nuance of a late-1980s personal computer. If you’re lucky, the occasional album cover be added for spice. It’s a web page in the most literal sense. That page is all there is: no subpages, no RSS feed.

This ambivalence to self-promotion belies the label’s activity. It regularly spews amazing music, with a broader scope than its laptop-fixated brethren. Recent and upcoming releases include Pierre Bastien’s Pop, featuring a quasi-orchestra of Bastien’s handcrafted instruments, and Chosen Lords by Aphex Twin pseudonym AFX, a CD set of 11 tracks from his vinyl-only Analord series.

At this moment, a free MP3 is available for stream and download from the top of the Rephlex home page. Aside from a file name, “boxenergy4remix1,” there’s no information, not even in the file’s album, artist or author data fields (MP3). It appears to be AFX‘s wildly exaggerated remix of DJ Pierre‘s acid-house fave, “Box Energy,” from the 2 Remixes by AFX single released five years ago.

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