Live Koji Asano MP3

Many new year resolutions die not only hard but fast, yet Koji Asano is nine weeks into his free downloads, and has only begun to suggest he might repeat himself. The latest download, “Zoo Telepathy 2 (Version 2006),” is the second in the download series to riff on his 2003 album, Zoo Telepathy, an electro-acoustic mix of rustic violin and field recordings. If you find it a bit harsh on the ear, back up a week for a 12-minute live set recorded in Barcelona in 2000, which has a similarly abrasive feel, but one that’s softened having been recorded in a real-world setting with a broader assortment of orchestral instrumentation, including happy-to-be-here woodwinds. As has become Asano’s format, the track is available the week of its release as an enormous, “lossless” file, and then archived in a more compact format. You must volunteer an email address to gain access, at

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