Cepia Glitch MP3

How glitch went from an experimental manifestation of technological unease to a kind of cozy comfort music is a tale for another day. For now, one can simply download a file like Cepia‘s “Hoarse” (MP3), off the forthcoming Idol Tryouts Two collection from the Ghostly International label, and enjoy its rapid-fire textural abrasions, little sonic indiscretions that move from surface noise to rhythm as the song unfolds, taking a moment for the inevitable little break of a bridge, so you can collect yourself before the thing rasps out wildly toward the end, reminding you of a not so distant past when this sorta thing was anything but familiar. The album, which also features Loscil, Christopher Willits, Richard Devine, Matthew Dear and others, is due out next Tuesday, March 7. More info at ghostly.com.

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