Bush of Ghosts Remix MP3s

The Bush of Ghosts remix site seems to be working better than it had recently been. You can, on the Listen page, pick the Filter format, choose from a range of subjective-aesthetic continuums, and then map the songs as they appear on that multi-dimensional stylistic grid. For example, a grid with familiar/abstract on the X axis and slow/fast on the Y axis will yield a field of individual tracks that align according to those constraints. Bzalt‘s “What People Think” (MP3) appears further along the abstract line than Tonk‘s “Negen” (MP3), though both are at about the same pace. The relevant data appears to be in order, and both tracks are recommended. Tonk is concerned with lending a bit of a sturdy backbeat to some familiar Ghosts elements, like the whorl of a native vocalist and the ecstatic scatter of percussion; Bzalt, meanwhile, creates a rich spacious zone that uses the original material more for its texture than for its text. New tracks are being added daily, all built from the multi-track elements of two songs off David Byrne and Brian Eno‘s 1981 album My Life in the Bush of Ghosts, which was recently re-released. Check ’em out at bush-of-ghosts.com/remix.

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