More Bush of Ghosts Remix MP3s

The user-uploaded remixes at the My Life in the Bush of Ghosts website, created in tribute to the David Byrne and Brian Eno album of that name, are getting better, or at least the better ones are rising to the surface. Appearing toward or at the top of the moderators’ list of favorites are Boscovic‘s “Vice Secret” (MP3), which invests some narrative drama into the original material by building steadily from an unmolested layer of indigenous sounds to a more heavily produced blast of industrial pop, and Amptek‘s mid-tempo “Arabian Nights” (MP3), the opening of which somewhat humorously updates the circa-1981 sampling to sound more like some of Eno’s recent pop productions (think of his work John Cale and Paul Simon) and intersperses various snippets, from turntablism to instrumental cues to vocals, like they’re being selected from a vast smorgasbord. Check out the website, which now features about 100 individual remixes, up from 75 a week ago, at

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