Koji Asano M4A Download

One of the most prolific musicians in a realm already not particularly well known for its constipation, avant figure Koji Asano has been steadily supplementing his commercial release schedule with a flow of free downloads, ranging from brief sketches, to alternate mixes, to lengthy live takes. Initially these were weekly, but now they’re popping up intermittently. Given the vastness of Asano’s catalog, a little self-editing is probably in the listener’s interest.

One recent highlight, dating from April, is titled “Safety Box,” in which a deeply echoed piano line, just a beat-keeping tone, provides a sound bed for cat-scratch strings. Eventually the piano itself is treated, lending it a rough texture that ends the work with a sense of formal cohesion. Perhaps as a result, the 15-minute work is surprisingly sedative, despite its inherent abrasiveness (M4A; Asano’s downloads are available as massive “lossless” files the week of their release and as more compact M4A files, playable in iTunes and other services, thereafter). More info at kojiasano.com.

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