Matmos-Barney MP3

The latest “artcast” of the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art includes a piece by Matmos inspired by artist Matthew Barney, the performance artist known for his interest in post-human transformation, installations and petroleum jelly, and for his relationship with Bjork, with whom Matmos has recorded and toured. They played this piece live at the opening of the Barney exhibit, which I attended. It involves MC Schmidt, one half of Matmos, “playing” dry ice with a tuning fork, while Drew Daniel, the other half, provides a low-level rhythmic foundation.

Each month’s SF MOMA artcast comes in two formats: a standard MP3 and a very cool M4A (playable in iTunes and elsewhere), which includes a slideshow of related images from the exhibit. (In both cases the links are for Zip files that include a second recording, this one an audio tour of one of the museum’s current exhibits.) More info at and

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