Field Recording MP3

You come home from a holiday, your camera loaded with images, and after one or two key shots are sent to relatives, and a handful more are uploaded to some image-sharing website, the whole bunch are consigned to the dustless bin of your external harddrive. Now, say you travel with a microphone instead of a camera. What do you do with those field recordings? If you’re Scott Taylor, and you’re just back home in London from December 2006 trips to Thailand and New Zealand, you take that raw material and mix into a lengthy artificial environment as rich as the canopy you’re sampling, all that insect and bird life matched by piping digital synthesis (MP3). Titled Silver, this 25-minute piece is the 22nd entry in the Touch label’s TouchRadio series. More on Taylor, who runs the label Lapilli (home to Francisco Lopez and Daniel Menche,, and co-runs the label Sijis (, at his page. More info on the TouchRadio series at

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