Morr Documentary MP3s

The Morr label’s podcast (link) offers an opportunity to peek inside the laptops, and brains, of its musicians. Most recently, Bernhard Fleischmann spoke in detail about the recording of the two long live sets that comprise his most recent album, Melancholy/Sendestrasse. (“I like very long, very repetitive tracks a lot.”) Regarding “Melancholy,” he shows how a few basic electronic chords grew, through accrual and collaboration, to a piece rich with heavily mediated cello. The making of “Sendestrasse” is likewise a narrative of musical sublimation, as a Franz Schubert composition is slowly masked by various production techniques. Throughout, Fleischmann provides musical examples, in the background and foreground, to illustrate his descriptions (MP3).

That blending also blurs the line between documentary and performance for an earlier Morr-cast, in which Radical Face (aka Ben Cooper, aka half of Electric President) describes the two-year development of his recent Ghost album, his voice echoed for effect (MP3). More info at, and

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