2002 Markus Popp Lecture MP3

When your computer is busy downloading via a slow connection a 60-plus-megabyte file of a lecture by a German musician, there’s a lingering concern that the resulting document will, in fact, be in German. Fortunately for English speakers, the lecture by Markus Popp (aka Oval) housed at totem.menneske.dk is in English. The talk dates back to 2002, when it was delivered as part of the SeeSound Festival in Denmark. Popp talks about the vagaries of defining electronic music, his work in installation art, and his creative process (MP3).

I came upon this file while porting over the remaining interviews and essays from the old version of Disquiet.com to the new one (there are still several dozen to go). Here’s my interview with Popp from 1997: “Popp Music.”

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