Pocka’s Meditative MP3

Brad Mitchell‘s latest release attributed to his Pocka moniker is part of a series of challenges he’s set for himself. Mitchell is producing half-hour works with an intended use: as an aid to meditation.

Given that the opening notes of “Meditative Cycles Part I” are sitar-like, the piece immediately suggests itself as background music for a contemplative state (MP3). During the course of a slowly paced transformation, those loose strings are slowly enveloped by a rich white noise, until the string sound disappears entirely. In a sense, the work tracks the process of meditation: letting go of the familiar and venturing into a place that’s more formless and restful. Also interesting is that there are no actual strings involved, just simple sine waves.

“Meditative Cycles Part I” was released by the netlabel Treetrunk. More info, including some comments on Mitchell/Pocka’s part, at the Internet Archive, archive.org. And more info on the musician himself at pockamusik.com.

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