Electro Remix MP3

End the week on something both upbeat and frazzled, say “We Push Up On Frenchies” (MP3), a remix by Fujasaki of the electro act Lovely Chords. The original, which is streaming at the Lovely Chords’ myspace page (myspace.com/wepushuponfrenchies), sounded pretty pre-mixed to begin with — a self-lacerated, largely instrumental pop tune that isn’t so much frayed around the edges as riddled with tiny holes, like a zillion little razor-sharp pixels. Fujasaki took all that built-in decay as a mandate to mess ever further, so the result jitters like the sonic equivalent of the red, green and blue signals on your TV suddenly having minds each their own. The track is available courtesy of the Swedish netlabel sudd.org. More on Fujasaki at sudd.org/fujasaki.

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