Elemental Calypso MP3s by Nikita Golyshev

The following song titles are not likely to find themselves lodged on any pop charts: “Oil, Glass, Acoustic Possibilities,” “Infra-Red Oil Analysis, Metal Source, Glass in Non-agressive…,” “Molecular Oil Structure Analysis with X-Ray and Metal…”

Those are three of the tracks on Nikita Golyshev‘s 15 Songs from Glass, Oil and Other Sources, which was released earlier this year on the Musica Excentrica netlabel (netaudio.ru/musica-excentrica). They are each the result of research on Golyshev’s part “to detect some acoustic properties of oil as substance, placed in different capacities such as crystal glasses and medical bulbs.” The brief liner notes explain further: “The obtained 15 sound fragments are collected by the frequency and spectrum analysis of oil behaviour, its molecular changes in various environments (aggressive and non-agressive) and wide range of oil interactions with metal.”

The sounds are expectedly delicate, such as the elemental calypso of “Oil (Light X-Ray), Glass, Metal pt.2” (MP3) and the shamisen-like scratches amid the drone of “Infra-Red Oil Analysis, Metal Source, Glass in Non-agressive…” (MP3).

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