Leafcutter John Folk-tronic MP3

One man’s hard-drive-cleaning is another’s hard-drive-filling. Well, maybe not “filling,” but a solid 3.16 megabytes that might never had been heard widely had Leafcutter John (born John Burton) not decided to clean out his computer in advance of recording a new album. From the digital back pages came a three-and-half-minute track that starks in static and whir, veers into olde-timey songcraft, and then fades back into the electronic ether (MP3).

John explains: “Also while foraging around old hard-drives found this which is a kind of glitchy atmospheric demo version of the ”˜this is the right way’ bit of ”˜Go Back’ from my 2006 album ”˜The Forest and the Sea’.” More info at leafcutterjohn.com, along with four additional, more song-oriented tracks.

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