Tim Coster Live Processing MP3

New Zealand’s Tim Coster is a musician, label owner, and concert promoter whose own creative output often focuses on the use of field recordings. There’s a nearly 20-minute live performance by him available at archive.org. Titled “three parts of the night, second try,” it was originally recorded in 2005 — the “second try” refers to Coster having edited it last year for this free release. The materials involved include “laptops, microphones, walkman, glockenspiel, ipod” and Coster describes it, aptly, as an “intimate journey into the evanescent sounds of live processed electroacoustic textures, a subtle organisation of manipulations and loops.” The result slowly makes its way from glistening whirls to a sing-songy downtempo creak to warm lull, those being the three parts mentioned in the title (MP3). The latter third strongly suggests the break of dawn. More on Coster at myspace.com/timcoster.

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