Periskop’s Deep Minimal Techno MP3s

Minimal techno is generally dank and subterranean. But Danny Kreutzfeldt‘s Periskop project takes both those virtues and goes deep with them. How deep? Ocean-deep. The tracks at his page are exercises in attenuated beats, casually extended reverb, and immersive atmospherics.

As Kreutzfeldt explained to me in an email, “the idea is to make a netrelease in a perpetual beta state with monotonous dub and submarine aesthetics.” The result, as evidenced by the equally blissfully murky first (MP3) and second (MP3) releases this year, is very promising. Also promising is the structure of the project itself — a musical performance played out as a serial of free individual tracks, issued one at a time, each exploring a fairly narrow swath of musical territory, but exploring that swath with vigor and imagination. The format alone is worth celebrating.

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