Two Hyper-Delicate MP3s from Autistici

Two complete tracks off Autistici‘s Volume Objects album, released in January, are up for free download at the website of its label, 12k, The mix of field recordings and computer-generated sound is transformed with an emphasis on a kind of listening that requires attention moment by moment — the pieces are more akin, in that respect, to short stories than to songs, and they’re atmospheric short stories at that.

“Wire Cage for Tiny Birds” is a delicate construction in which tiny water drops balance with guitars whose strings are plucked with an emphasis on pristine, bright sound (MP3). “Heated Dust on a Sunlit Window” is both darker and softer by comparison; it emphasizes broader textures as it slowly gains chopstick percussion that plays in the stereo field (MP3). More on Autistici at

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