Post-Synth MP3s from Budapest’s Veron

There’s something about Eastern-bloc electronic music that often suggests a heavy influence of synth-rock, the soundtracks of Golem, the space explorations of Cluster, the melodic drones of Tangerine Dream. Veron, of Budapest, Hungary, fits that mold, judging by a recent four-track release on the Stasisfield netlabel ( It’s most noticeable on “Early Morning” (MP3), a synth bed of slowly decaying notes. But the other material here ventures away from the recognizably artificial tonalities, most effectively “Flower” (MP3), which is all gently blipping pin-prick percussion above undulations so soft you could mistake them for organic near-silence. Since that’s the track on which the set, titled Dreamtime, closes, perhaps it suggests the direction in which Veron is headed — away from tone synthesis, and into texture and rhythm. Get the full set at

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