Four Drone MP3s from Primes

Murky drones are the thing on the Primes EP Psychwolf, a four-track set of meandering ventures into the woolly sonic hinterlands. Three of the tracks clock in at under four minutes, while the closing piece, from which the album takes its title, plays for almost 20 minutes. Length aside, though, all are sewn from the same raw material: slow pulses that have a see-saw ease, glistening trebly figments that provide a glimpse of hope amid the sorrow, and moany intrusions that linger like a bad memory. The tracks aren’t organic enough to be pure drones, or melodic enough to be even vaguely pop; they’re something else entirely, something with narrative intent. Especially recommended are “Healer” (MP3), which has the blood-in-ear whir of a close encounter, and “114 Percent” (MP3), which emanates the municipal dread of an industrial soundscape. More info on the release at and More on Primes at

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