Tandem Drone MP3 from Jerman and Menard

For close to 50 minutes, the Zen-cast tandem drone session “The Now of Sound” by Jeph Jerman and Tanner Menard puts the world on hold (MP3). The sound is that of some threadbare sine wave casting its shadow on a blank horizon. To the extent that it has any sonic substance at all is only hinted at toward the end when, for an admirably extended period, it comes to a very slow face; the result not only delays the piece’s close, but also emphasizes just how voluminous, in fact, the preceding seeming quietude had been. Kudos to the record label, Archaic Horizons, for informatively summarizing the duo’s recording process:

‘The Now of Sound’ was created from a synthesis of synthetic bells, written in Supercollider by Tanner, and of desert recordings from Jeph. This amalgamation was then projected with homemade equipment by Jeph, onto the resonant portion of a gong. The resulting frequencies were recorded with a contact microphone, then post processed with basic computer effects.
More details at archaichorizon.com. More on Jerman at jerman.littleenjoyer.com. More on Menard at his aptly named myspace.com/barelyaudible.

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