Monolake v. CERN MP3

To celebrate the newly launched Large Hadron Collider — i.e., the massive scientific experiment in subatomic particles that gained notoriety as some began to fear its activity might lead to the end of the world — minimal techno maven Monolake (aka Robert Henke) has released a track for free download.

Monolake has taken his song “Cern” (which first appeared in two slightly different forms in 2003, on the single Cern White II and the album Momentum) and mixed in snippets of interviews with scientists from the CERN website (among them Mike Lamont, Verena Kain, Lucio Rossi, Laurette Ponce, Andrej Siemko, and Lyn Evans).

The result is a complete transformation of both sets of source materials. The “Cern” music — a rising tide of beat-driven activity — lends drama to the voices, and the voices lend a sense of narrative to the music.

Henke posts these free tracks with certain rules, including an admonition against linking directly to the MP3 file, so just proceed to This one should be up for the full month of October. (Photo, above, by Valerio Mezzanotti for

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