Percussion-Heavy Techno MP3s from the Fold

Tones and voices, dance-club-ready background music and street-clearing sirens — all that and more resonate throughout the Fold‘s self-titled, 10-track collection from the Panospria netlabel. But what makes it worth the download (and at 140-plus MB, it’s no meager file) is specifically the percussion — the cash-register chucka-chucka that bounds beneath the electric drills and mechanical dread of “They Said September” (MP3), the charged static that shoots amid the echo chamber that is “A Rainy Exit” (MP3), the broken technology that lumbers throughout “Rough Malk Collapse” (MP3), and, foremost, the hard patterning that binds the opening track, “Jackie’s Exam” (MP3). Perhaps explaining the quality of the sound, the credit for mastering goes to none other thn Andreas Tilliander. Get the full set at or

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