Grassy Knoll MP3 Mashup

As Grassy Knoll, musician Bob Green has recorded some of the most rarefied ambient jazz, as well as some of the most raucous mashups. They were proto-mashups when he first started out doing them, taking the best parts of classic-rock songs and out-jazz jams, and making momentum-driven new things out of them. He’s posted one such contrapuntal conglomeration at his blog. Green subtitles the site “music you haven’t heard yet,” but in this case it’s more a matter of “music you’ve heard — just not in this manner.” Moving back and forth between hardened riffs and snippets of solo piano, he proves that in music, as in food, sometimes leftovers are even tastier than they were the first time around. The track is titled “Are You Ready to Testify” (MP3), and Knoll/Green welcomes listeners to train-spot the source material

[audio:|titles=”Are You Ready to Testify”|artists=Grassy Knoll]

Warning: the opening of the cut is, as they say on the Internet, “not safe for work.”

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