Portuguese Sound Journey MP3

This extended sound journey by Mikroben Krieg (aka Nelson Brites) was apparently first broadcast on some local radio station in Portugal almost two years ago, and is only just now seeing proper Internet release, courtesy of the Test Tube netlabel. Titled Concret Exploratoire, it’s a single track that takes the form of a lengthy CGI sound trip (MP3). While it works as a composition, it works better as an imagined travelogue. It’s through-composed, in that there is little repetition, little sense of melodic or rhythmic development, over the course of the listening. Instead what there is is a series of scenes that make the most of stereo-spatial illusions. Sonar blips, distant rumbles, and close-at-hand sonic textures collude to suggest an environment.

[audio:http://www.monocromatica.com/netlabel/releases/tube191/tube191-01-mikroben_krieg_-_concret_exploratoire.mp3|titles=”Concret Exploratoire”|artists=Mikroben Krieg]

More details on the release at monocromatica.com. More on Krieg/Brites at myspace.com/mikroben.

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