3 Bass Loops to Infinity (MP3)

Just let it go. Trust that the description of the track, that the promise inherent in the extrapolative math of its publicly declared constituent parts, will, in fact, reach and then gracefully surpass some sort of greater-than-its-sum threshold. Trust that those extremely tentative opening notes are not a newbie fiddling about, but instead someone with experience simply setting the pieces in their proper initial places.

The track in question is a relatively recent (three months old) upload by the fairly anonymous musician who makes a home at soundcloud.com/notl, with no identifying characteristics other than claiming to be a guy from Nottingham.

In a little sidebar, where some musicians might splay their credentials and battery of equipment, he simply writes, “nature : music : science : art : complexity.” The parts of the track, titled “bass drone 6c,” are equally spare: “3 bass guitar loops, 6 granulators.” The trajectory of the track, however, follows the suggested pattern — there’s a simple calculus inherent in, implied by, that description. The three bass loops, heard at first as far more treble-register and blippy than may be expected, soon encounter a mix of swelling and echoing that deepen the music, drawing the materials into a collective drone that gains a sense of dimension akin to having the floor fall out from under you. Quite splendid.

Updated 2010.04.08: Small correction, in that “a guy from Nottingham” is in fact Guy Birkin, who lives in Nottingham.

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