Ambient Procedures in the Light (MP3)

Birmingham, UK-based Mark Harris‘s “Duo (The Intension Becomes Masked)” is a bit of ambient procedural music. The procedure in question is quite simple:

The composition is based in a series of eight pitch shifted loop’s of each tone (14 loops). which are then time stretched four times which give us fifty six loops in the piece all running at different times so the composition is in a constant state of flux

The result is a long, still, shifting collection of hushed textures, all interacting in various ways. There is a sense of slowly increasing density and drama, but that may have as much to do with the ear’s need to lend narrative as it does with any compositional strategy on Harris’s part. At 10 minutes in length, it has more than enough space to stretch out in — space in which the listener can get pleasantly lost.

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