Drones Harboring Illusions (MP3s)

NB: I usually don’t use the “more” tag to break a post into two parts, only the first of which appears on the home page, but the Bandcamp embedded player is breaking in several browsers on the iPad. On Mac and PCs, it looks fine, but in iOS, something is up — it appears in the upper-left corner of the page. Needless to say, if anyone reading this has insight into such things then I am, as always, all ears.

The drones of Cinchel‘s recent five-track album, friday”‹.”‹deconstrucion, harbor illusions. At the end of a listen to the record, and multiple listens are suggested, the result is a series of memories whose subject, brief riffs that stood out, prove difficult if not impossible to locate during a subsequent listen. On the surface, the tracks are steady-as-she-goes minimalism, burbling feats of low-key momentum, but close attention, even if it fails repeatedly to align with memory, reveals the drones as, in fact, the combined effort of numerous tiny percussive elements: treble scintillate, throaty bass-region chords, textured cloud-like gaseous effects, urgent yet muted timpani. They’re each like a low resolution Fourier series approximation of a curve, turning a sinuous shape into a stepwise gradient.

Tracks originally posted at cinchel.bandcamp.com. Technically they’re available for free, since it’s a name-your-price situation, but do consider chipping in a few bucks, or whatever your local currency. More on Cinchel at cinchel.com.

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