When a Split EP Sounds Like a Charles Ives Work (MP3)

There are splits, and then there are splits. There are splits that have songs by two different musical acts, and then there are splits that make good on the tantalizing suggestion that the two acts actually interact. A relatively recent six-song split by Vertex Germ (of Mexico) and Lo Fi High (of Germany) includes two tracks each by the acts, and a pair of collaborations, one of which is the highlight of the set. Titled “Wonderland 8763,” the track mixes squawking field recordings and pulsing techno loops into a chaotic noisefest that takes on the vibrancy of a Charles Ives composition, owing no doubt to the incompatible elements of the two acts coming up against each other.

Lo Fi High & Vertex Germ: “Wonderland 8763” (MP3)

More on Lo Fi High at myspace.com/lofihigh. No apparent website for Vertex Germ, but there is a page at discogs.com. Tracks posted for free download by the TVK netlabel at archive.org.

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