Synth Almost-Pop (MP3)

An exercise in mellow Kraftwerkian stasis

There’s a little heartbeat, the sleep-time murmur of a candy robot, the appears at a regular pace during “My Mistake,” a recent posting by Earsmack at It’s a small, rising, rhythmic pulse, a sing-song melodic snippet that sets the pace for this slow, methodical bit of synthesized almost-pop. It isn’t really a song, leaving aside the absence of a lyric. It opens and closes with compositional finesse, far more than just a fade in and out. And it opts for a kind of mellow Kraftwerkian stasis in place of any proper development. Which isn’t a criticism — the stasis is in the track’s favor. The monotony underscores just how monotone the track isn’t. It’s lively, if mellow, and utterly delighted in its artificiality. What isn’t clear is the title’s meaning. “My Mistake” sounds nothing like a mistake. It sounds deliberate and self-aware. A real treat.

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