Leonardo Rosado’s Barren Sonic Landscape (MP3)

A new track from the Lisbon-based musician

Leonardo Rosado‘s “Sharp Knives Eyes” opens with what could easily be, or be mistaken for, the warning signals of fog-deep lighthouses, muffled and solemn sirens that pulse slowly and forbiddingly. As the track proceeds, the sounds soon move from apparent naturalism to a more representative approach, as what appears to be a slowly implemented guitar registers a barren sonic landscape. The music straddles the line between enticing and remote, between the depiction of a stark realm, and being pleasing in its solitary presence.

The track appears on the Escala 2:3 compilation (escalared.com). It was also posted, individually, at soundcloud.com/l-r-1. Based in Lisbon, Portugal, Rosado runs the great feedbacklooplabel.blogspot.com netlabel. More on him at works-by-lr.tumblr.com.

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