Rawore, Playing Around (MP3)

A bubbly, synthesized rhythm, atop which, methodically, a melody of sorts comes into focus

Burble, burble. This is “Finally Sunny,” a nearly four-minute piece by Rawore uploaded to his soundcloud.com/r-37 account. It’s a bubbly, synthesized rhythm, atop which, methodically, a melody of sorts comes into focus. The melody takes the form of occasional tones that move up and down and up again in a manner that suggests a loose, genial structure. What makes the melody especially enjoyable isn’t the tune itself, though it is a lovely fragment of a tune, but instead the manner in which the motion of the tune resembles the ping-ponging percussive effects amid which the steadily bounding tones appear. The blurring of foreground and background is splendid.

For his part, Rawore provides only the slightest of contextual information, a description that clearly suggests its intended readership — true to the workshop nature of so much of SoundCloud — is soleley his fellow musicians: “playing around with audio damage tools. phosphor synth and ronin effect.”

More on Rawore, aka Bob Phillips, at raworeb.blogspot.com.

One thought on “Rawore, Playing Around (MP3)

  1. thanks for taking note. I’ve been pretty terse in the initial description of recent pieces figuring that if anyone is interested, they’ll comment/ask questions.

    I try to do better in Disquiet Junto ;)

    as noted, this run was ‘playing around’, an improvisation after working with the controls of a new vst synth – phosphor. I started from a preset, but quickly got sideways on the sound, just what I wanted… ;) and I was layering delays, in the synth, and then in the ronin effect. The improv attention, for me, was timing the insertions into the delay chains of notes and listening to the overtone combinations.

    this one sounded ok to me, many others never make it up to the cloud :)

    please accept my congratulations on your many ‘Disquiet’ activities. I don’t always read the net, playing around, and it took me a while to find this post. The communities that are building now are numerous and productive. I sometimes have to stick my ears into my own setup to get work done!

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