The Instrument as Muse

An allusive work by Lisbon, Portugal's Leonardo Rosado

One of the remarkable things about how electronic music has transformed our understanding of instruments is how instruments are not merely tools but reference points, inspirations, inanimate muses. Take Leonardo Rosado‘s “Fractured Touches.” What it is made of is not clear, but what it sounds to be like is: a work for organ and piano. The organ is never fully an organ and the piano even less so a piano, but their role, their substance, their sonic aura is just that. The organ-like background is more layered and murky than what an organ might actually produce. The piano — or perhaps, more to the point, the “piano” — begins as something vaguely recognizable as such, but slowly changes as the track proceeds, at times becoming more percussive (and what is a piano but a tuned percussion instrument) and later bell-like in its tonal impression. The overall work is contemplative and rich with incremental development.

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