The Conqueror from Darmstadt

A malevolent post-drone from Phirnis

For gaping-maw, devil-in-the-machine, end-times background listening, you could do worse than “Conqueror” by Phirnis, a musician from Darmstadt, Germany, whose account on Soundcloud lists him solely as one K.G. The track is three and a half minutes of radio-static-during-a-windstorm chaos, all churning white noise and helpless rattling, and a slowly impinging malevolent howl that suggests all will not end well. It’s a welcome swatch of non-rhythmic industrial music, neither as formless as pure drone — are we entering the realm of the post-drone? — nor as descriptive as a proper song. It’s somewhere in between, not so much a soundtrack as the sound design of a dark, arduous, fictive scenario.

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