John Cage by the Letters

A play on the composer's name on his 100th birthday

The latest from the great Resting Bell netlabel is a two-track, 25-minute set by Rick Tarquinio titled Waves. Things are buried beneath these waves, in particular the first track. A lush, lightly melodic piece (MP3), it’s reportedly built on a note sequence derived from the last name of composer John Cage, who would have turned 100 this year. No doubt Cage, a fan of such wordplay as mesostic, would have appreciated both the piece’s affect and its provenance. The second track is a wonderfully sedate meditation on the melodica (MP3). In the composer’s description of the album as a whole, “Waves uses minimal source material arranged accidentally into long pieces meant to evoke waves coming ashore.”

Tracks originally posted at More on Tarquinio, who is based in New Jersey, at His work was previously featured here in November of last year.

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