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Listening to art. Playing with audio. Sounding out technology. Composing in code. Rewinding the soundscape.

Radius (in the) Mix

An hour of abstraction from IO.SOUND

The latest from the great broadcast/podcast Radius is an hour-long mix credited to IO.SOUND. The project’s descriptive text is fabulist, to the point of being occasionally opaque, though then again the depiction isn’t entirely out of line with the music. What might play to the reader’s eye as misdirection and unalloyed associative description (“An aural invitation into the occult loop of undead machines, caressed & broadcast with the return of the 12th planet”) might play, by contrast, to the ear as inherently strange, but pleasingly so — not evasive but intriguing, not hyperbolic but dramatic. The track list is as follows:

* = unreleased TTLD = Tactical Tape Loop Division (Unearthed from Airwaves / IO/001) Scant Intone – earos [rmx of TTLD] – IO/001 Yves De Mey / I Am a Photograph [rmx]* Jeff Carey – Cut 0.3 [rmx of TTLD] – IO/001 I8U – ”˜til death [rmx of TTLD] – IO/001 E. Domnitch + D. Gelfand / sans (I Am a Photograph [rmx])* C0H – Blow Up (I Am a Photograph Cut)* s* – Quiet [excerpt]* s* + kk / eclipse – IO/002 Frank Bretschneider / An Awaiting Room* Richard Chartier / EVP.RE [rmx of TTLD] – IO/001 a.j. cornell / 1981 – IO/003 s* + kk / hypnosyne (psonn) – IO/002 s* + tomas phillips / body* pinkcourtesyphone / I Am a Photograph (sleazemix)* tomas phillips / flore [TTLD rmx] – IO/001 s* / 1999 – IO/003 s* + kk / ix chel (dead s* dub) – IO/002 s* + kk / she dreams of isis – IO/002 Scott Simon / I Am a Photograph [rmx]* souns / waves [rmx of Mario van Horrik & Petra Dubach]* s* + MVK / Thunderklap (Side B) – IO/004 coingutter / a little night music [rmx of TTLD] – IO/001 Martijn Comes / Memory Field* Martijn Comes / Neptune Federation of Light* a.j. cornell – sorgue [rmx of Mario van Horrik & Petra Dubach]* Martijn Comes / Electric Field* Martijn Comes / Silent Field* Martijn Comes / Mirrored Field*

Mix originally posted for free download at One warning: the downloadable WAV files is half a gigabyte in size. More on IO.SOUND at

By Marc Weidenbaum

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    [ Posted November 9, 2012, at 11:44 am ]

    ( good news : the mix has been re-uploaded in MP3 320, making it a much more manageable download for earthly beings )

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