Beats Slip in Japan

Himuro Yoshiteru's in hyperdrive

Warning, this starts with a quick-draw beat, a Casio castanet on hyperdrive. It slurs a bit, and elements intrude upon its speedy delirium. The battered, slipped-disc beats of “WavWavWav” by Himuro Yoshiteru run like a vinyl dance track that’s been on the shelf long enough to be squeezed by the countervailing pressures of all the adjacent records. Its grooves reduced to nubs, the beats give way at times. Snatches of a neighboring jazz record impress themselves while the rhythm does its best not to trip all over itself. A vocal is heard briefly, and then gets subsumed. The splendi sense of imminent chaos lingers throughout.

Track originally posted for free download at More from Yoshiteru, who is based in Tokyo, Japan, at and

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