Disquiet Noted in Guardian Podcast

Project mentioned briefly in overview of state of newly revamped SoundCloud

SoundCloud made its new version go live this past week, and it was an honor to have Disquiet projects like the Junto included in the rollout. This exposure spilled into unexpected coverage when my little spiel about SoundCloud was included in a segment by Aleks Krotoski for the excellent Tech Weekly Podcast from the British newspaper, guardian.co.uk.

[audio:http://download.guardian.co.uk/audio/kip/technology/series/techweekly/1354641463862/1692/gnl.tech.121204.jp.tech_weekly_ads.mp3|titles=””|artists=Guardian Tech Weekly Podcast]

If it were just the brief mention, I wouldn’t be posting this as a standalone entry, but the podcast (MP3)is worth a list for its interview with SoundCloud investor Fred Wilson, who singles out the tool’s broad definition of sound as a core part of its popularity. By last count, it had over 180 million user accounts. Wilson describes SoundCloud as “a service for all kinds of sounds — not just music, not just podcasts, not just remixes or not just sound effects, it’s everything. It’s a hodgepodge. It’s chaotic, it’s messy, it’s fun.”

Audio originally posted for free download at guardian.co.uk.

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