Balm, or Balmy (MP3)

Tension beneath the ambience


Allan Brugg, aka Average Alien, has uploaded a track that is both peaceful and active, its ambient foundation providing cover for a rapidly burbling brook. It’s said that such water sounds are among the most pleasant to the human ear, but here in Brugg’s “Balm” the sounds — and they may in fact be artificial in origin, but the effect is like that of a thin stream in rapid motion over a rough bottom — have an unmistakeable urgency. It’s worth recalling that while the word “balm” refers to a calming agent, something that gives solace, the term “balmy” can be used to connote eccentricity, even madness.

Track originally posted for free download at More from Brugg, who’s based in Britain, at and

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  1. Thanks for this. I get your updates through google reader, and really like this way of finding new music – it provides a lot more context than if you just re-post something in soundcloud.

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