Brooklyn Beats (MP3)

From here to there; the transition, as much as the destination

To say that “Corduroy,” by the Brooklyn-based musician Matte Wood, goes unexpected places would be an understatement. How exactly it moves from its opening to close is worth paying attention to, because those two points are so distinct from each other. The end is a vibrant, post-rock excursion into whirligig flourishes atop a nifty chiptune rhythm; it manages, much to its credit, to be both downtempo and upbeat. The opening, by contrast, is modulated pitches of what appear to be string samples, echoed into the middle distance yet retaining their catgut texture. This goes on for nearly a minute before the track gets underway. The second time around, and henceforth, it pays to pay attention to the transition.

In the brief accompanying note, Wood refers to the track as follows: “Another really old tune that I’ve been sitting on for a while.” Here’s to hoping for more from the archives soon.

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