Loop Healing (MP3)

A downtempo Super Miracle Dream Team

With echoes of early loop-based downtempo music like Funki Porcini and, at his most sedate, DJ Cam, the track “You Are Healed” by Super Miracle Dream Team works a series of gestural maneuvers atop a willfully rote rhythmic foundation. That foundation is little more than a tiny sliver of bells, a bit of drum kit on automatic, and a bass line that sounds like a car trying to get its engine going while underwater — or, more likely, under molasses. Above the surface are heard bits of woodwind, Radiophonic effects, echoed chords, and other momentary sonic visitations. They make their presentation briefly heard, more a programmatic affair than one of melodic development. They keep the mind guessing what might come next, and trying to tease out a sense of progression, of narrative, throughout. A highly enjoyable excursion.

Track originally posted for free download at soundcloud.com/super-miracle-dream-team. More from Super Miracle Dream Team, aka Miranda, at twitter.com/OBrandNuMiranda. (It was via Miranda’s SoundCloud account that I came upon Alveola Ämting’s 8-bit earlier this month.)

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